Wednesday, July 9, 2008


One of my passions is drawing! I LOVE TO DRAW!!! I've always have, ever since I was a kid. My mom herself was an artist, so I grew up, thankfully, being exposed to music, the theatre and art my entire life! Even now, my partner/my love/my best friend/the man of my dreams, he himself is an illustrator & musician himself...We're very supportive of eachother, and we LOVE working together and that in itself is truly inspiring! 


...well it always has, in every way been for me!

I have memories as a child where my mom would take me to work sometimes and she would seat me at a table, give me a small stack of typing paper, a handful of #2 pencils, red, blue and black ball-point pens and magazines to use as reference. I would browse through the magazines, as if I was searching for something, perhaps inspiration. Flipping through the pages slowly, careful looking at all the details on the page, until I found an image that would almost reach down, into the depths of my soul, as if it called out to me "draw me, draw me"....

When ever I create, I go into what I call my "ZEN ZONE", especially when I draw & write songs! 

AHHHH my "Zen Zone"...I LOVE BEING THERE!!! 

It's a very peaceful, tranquil place. I have my rituals which help me to create my temple in honor of my muse that I will allow to flow through me. To do this, I need to be alone, in my own space. Some of the things I do include meditating, lighting candles, burning incense, and sometimes, I have music playing softly in the background...not very often though...Usually, I like to step outside myself while listening to the beautiful life happening all around me-the birds singing, the ocean wind whispering, the trees is my biggest inspiration!!!


PeAcE LOvE & ArT nOt wAr
Denise Vasquez

***I did the drawing above using the classic #2 pencil. I left my caption off to leave it to you if you want to post here what you feel my sketch says & means to you. 

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