Tuesday, July 8, 2008

50 Traits Of Highly Successful People

I just received this from "Music Talks" & it's soooo good, I had to share:

1. They look for and find opportunities where others see nothing
2. They find lessons while others only see problems
3. They are solution focused
4. They consciously and methodically create their own success
5. They may be fearful, but they are not controlled or limited by fear
6. They as the right questions-the ones which put them in a positive mindset and emotional state
7. The rarely complain
8. They don't blame, and take complete responsibility for their actions and outcomes
9. They always find a way to maximize their potential, and use what they have effectively
10.They are busy, productive and proactive
11.They align themselves with like-minded people
12.They are ambitious
13.They have clarity and certainty about what they want
14.They innovate instead of imitate
15.They don't procrastinate
16. They are life-long learners
17.They are glass half full people, while still being practical and down-to-earth
18.They consistently do what they need to do, regardless of how they are feeling on any given day
19.They take calculated risks
20.They deal with problems quickly and effectively
21.They don't believe in, or wait for, fate, destiny, chance or luck
22.They take action before they have to
23.They are more effective than most at managing their environment
24.They are goo communicators
25.They have a plan for their life and they work methodically to turn that plan into reality
26.They become exceptional by choice
27.They work through the tough stuff that most would avoid
28.They have identified what is important to them and they do their best to live a life which is reflective of those values
29.They have balance. They know that money is a tool and ultimately, it's just another resource
30.They understand the importance of discipline and self-control
31.They are secure in their sense of self worth
32.They are generous and kind
33.They are happy to admit mistakes and apologize
34.They are adaptable and embrace change
35.They keep themselves in shape physically
36.They work hard and are not lay
37.They are resilient
38.They are open to, and more likely to act upon, feedback
39.They don't hang out with toxic people
40.They don't invest time or emotional energy into uncontrollable things
41.They are happy to swim against the tide
42.They are comfortable with their own company
43.They set high standards for themselves
44.They don't rationalize failure
45.They know how to relax, enjoy what they have in their life and to have fun
46.Their career is not their identity, it's their job
47.They are more interested in what is effective than in what is easy
48.They finish what they start
49.They realize that not only are they physical and psychological beings, but emotional and spiritual creatures as well.
50.They practice what they preach

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